The education watchdog, Ofsted, has awarded Al Hikmah Nursery in Utley “outstanding” after their latest visit in April. The award was upped from a good rating on their previous inspection.

The nursery, run by the Jamiat-Ahl-E-Hadith-Keighley Committee, looks after 14 children aged two to four.

Ofsted inspector, Julie Dent, commended the nursery for the quality of teaching and learning, the children’s development, as well as the effectiveness of leadership and management.

Ms Dent added that the leadership is outstanding and inspirational, and that leads to staff being passionate and caring about their jobs.

Staff also said they feel supported by the management and their personal development is suited to their individual needs.

“Teaching is outstanding. All staff have a thorough knowledge of children’s learning needs.

“Activities are exciting for children, and staff are highly skilled at tailoring their teaching to reflect children’s individual stage of learning and their emerging interests.

“Children continuously show enormously high levels of engagement, curiosity and concentration. Staff constantly encourage children to solve problems and think critically.”

The report continued to say that the children at the nursery were polite and confident and understand the significance of taking a turn and their responsibilities.

To improve the quality of Al Hikmah Nursery even more, the inspector suggested that the nursery should find a way to enhance opportunities for children who like to play outdoors.

Shohab Ali, a trustee at the nursery, said to the Keighley News: “Teaching and learning, behaviour, and progress shown by our students was highlighted as key strengths.

“We believe Ofsted summed up the work shown by the management, all the way down to the volunteers, brilliantly.

“We would like to thank all of our supporters, parents and most importantly, the students, who are a credit to our establishment.

“This report gives us, the management, an excellent platform to develop our nursery and other services from this site.”

Story by: Keighley News


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