Little child wearing goggles with a hammer building a ladder out of old pallets so they can climb the treePress release from Elmscot Broussa Day Nursery and Nursery School.

A 2 year-old child attending Elmscot Broussa Day Nursery and Nursery School in Hale led an incredible activity, where they were able to reach their goal of climbing a tree.

Once the child decided the tree in the nursery garden was beyond their reach, they decided a ladder was needed. Nursery Practitioners were able to provide the child with suitable tools and a dismantled old pallet to repurpose into a brand-new ladder.

The child put on safety goggles and was supported in knocking the nails into place. Once finished, the child propped the ladder against the tree and carefully climbed one rung at a time – assessing each step for stability as they went.

The decision-making skills demonstrated in this activity showed amazing critical thinking and active, child-led learning.

The child was very proud of themselves and the nursery was too!

Elmscot Broussa is part of the Elmscot Group of Day Nurseries and Nursery Schools, providing outstanding childcare and education to over 1,800 children across Cheshire.

To find out more about Elmscot Broussa Day Nursery and Nursery School and the incredible facilities or to register for a place, please contact the Nursery Manager directly on 0161 928 5178 or email broussa@elmscot.co.uk.


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