Press release from Little Monkey’s Windsor Nursery.

Little Monkey’s Nursery Windsor on Victoria Street celebrated Father’s Day on Friday 14th June by serving up a delicious breakfast surprise for their parents.

The Nursery Chef, James, made bacon rolls for all the parents, with the choice of ‘eating in’ with the children, or a ‘takeaway’ option for those busy parents dashing off to work.

Sarah Billings, Nursery Manager said: “We wanted to do something nice for our parents on Father’s Day, and know that they may often be too busy to eat breakfast before they leave the house in the morning.  We offer parents fruit every day from one of our ‘5 a day fruit baskets’, but as it was a special occasion, we thought we’d cook them a treat.  Giving parents the option of taking their breakfast away with them, meant that no-one had to miss out. The children really enjoyed having breakfast with the parents who were able to stay, and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

“What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do.  It was a really nice morning, and the bacon butties were even nicer!” – Toddler Room Parent

For more information about Little Monkey’s Windsor Nursery, please contact Sarah or Emma on 01753 622149 or manager@littlemonkeyswindsor.com.


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