Although kindergarten graduation ceremonies have been taking place in America for around 50 years, the nursery graduation ceremony is still relatively new to the UK, but is definitely growing in popularity! July is the month when thousands of settings, up and down the country, will be holding their ceremonies for their imminent leavers..

The aim of a nursery graduation ceremony is to teach children about change as they move on to a new chapter in their life. It also shows them that change can be a positive experience: children change, grow and develop so much during these early years, so these ceremonies can be a great way of celebrating this.

The ceremony itself often includes a small presentation, followed by the children collecting their certificates and some settings even hold a little party for children and their families afterwards. The day is intended to be both fun and memorable, and usually talked about beforehand as more of a party and celebration, so that children are less likely to become nervous about it.

Dressing up in different clothes and collecting their graduation certificate can be a rewarding experience for children which can really help improve their self-confidence too. At some nursery graduations, the staff say something about each child’s progress and at others, the children entertain their parents with songs and poems. Whatever the format, it should be a happy and momentous occasion for all involved! The day will almost certainly be an exciting one for the children, who often have happy memories of dressing up in fancy clothes, singing songs, being given a certificate (maybe for the first time) and celebrating with party food and games after the ceremony. It’s a great opportunity to mark the next chapter in their life and watch them be praised for their development and achievements.

We spoke to Micah from Maidstone, Kent who has just had his graduation ceremony.

Are you excited to start 'big' school in September?

Yes, I'm very ecxited - big school sounds like fun!

What are you looking forward to the most?

To be able to play with my friends and sit in the reading corner.

Do you have any friends who will go to the same big school as you?

Yes, some of my friends will also go to my big school!

What did you do at your graduation party?

We sang to our mums and dads and had party food! I love my certificate!

To make your setting’s graduation day even more special, the team at Parenta have designed a wonderful certificate you can download! Download your free, editable graduation certificate here.

Don’t forget to send us your photos from your graduation ceremonies!

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