You will need:

For the sand:

  • corn meal
  • brown sugar
  • oil

For the water:

  • clear or blue jelly

For dinosaur bones:

  • decorating icing sugar

You will also need:

  • other decorative parts like shells,
  • chocolate eggs, or anything you like!
  • a clear container
  • a painting or dusting brush
  • a bowl and a spoon for mixings.
  1. Let’s start with the jelly: make it according to the instructions on the package and don’t wait until it’s completely solid - you want it quite mushy, more slime-like consistency - as this will be used for the water.
  2. While your jelly is setting, prepare the bones! Use icing sugar to create different bone shapes and structures and let them set.

3. Mix the brown sugar and the corn meal and then add a few spoons of oil. Be careful not to add too much as you only want it to bind the dry products to a sand-like consistency.

4. Put two-thirds of the ‘sand’ in one side of your container, add your bones on top and gently cover it with the rest of the ‘sand’.

5. Add the ‘water’ (jelly) to the other side of the container, but be careful not to disturb the sand.

6. Add other decorative bits all over the sand and water. You can even add some shells inside the jelly.


Our craft is fully edible, so don’t worry if your little ones put it in their mouths! But we recommend that children play with it rather than eat it!

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