The owner of Young Friends Nursery and Nature School in Hove, Louise Lloyd-Evans, has launched an online platform to help other settings go plastic-free.

Sustainable Nurseries Against Plastic (SNAP) was created to encourage nurseries to share tips and ideas on how to be more sustainable.

Until the website, which is still under construction, goes live, parents can follow the SNAP group on Facebook as well as join their regular meetings.

The nursery’s approach to running a sustainable model of childcare made Ms Lloyd-Evans want to share ideas and tips with others.

Young Friends Nursery and Nature School received an Eco-Schools Green Flag award for their plastic-free and nature-based ethos.

Speaking to Nursery World, Ms Lloyd-Evans said: “SNAP was born from a passion to change and provide a better world for our children. In today’s climate, we have a duty to educate young people, staff and owners from day one so it becomes a natural responsibility.

“I was disturbed by the lack of care about the environment in nurseries which are terrible at using single-use plastic: shoe covers, glitter, wet wipes, nappy sacks, disposable nappies, balloons, the list is endless. People are scared by change, so we started to make them one by one and teach the children why we were doing so.

“SNAP is about helping nurseries wake up to sustainability. It’s not just about providing statistics and information on the harm we are doing. It’s creating a ground-level discussion for early years professionals on how we can change, improve, identify and share the problems we may face in doing so, and most importantly how we can overcome these together.”

Peter Kyle, MP for Hove said to Nursery World: “The climate and environmental crisis is finally rising up the political agenda and it’s inspiring initiatives like the SNAP scheme, that show what a difference we can make as communities and as individuals when we put our minds to it.

“I support the SNAP scheme wholeheartedly – it’s an amazing idea that is rightly getting the recognition it deserves, and I’ll be doing everything I can to be its champion!”

Ms Lloyd-Evans added, “I’m realistic, I don’t expect everyone to become an eco-school, but we really ought to be doing the basics. SNAP can teach other nurseries to do this in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.”

Story by: Nursery World


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