Children 1st Day Nursery in Plumtree underwent an extensive £225,000 expansion to create more spaces for children and now boasts a “jungle, building site and river”.

The ‘outstanding’ setting, which is very popular with parents, had to expand their space to accommodate the intake of children, which has increased from 90 to 130.

Children 1st Day Nursery now includes work stations around the rooms, with various games and activities, as well as an indoor sandpit, a building site and a two-storey building.

The work on the nursery took six months and included expanding into the building next door, which used to be the Nottingham School of Cookery, with the new early years room opening in January 2019.

The new extension includes an open plan room which has been divided into small areas, without creating individual rooms: there is a design and construction room, a wonky house, an inside garden, a school room, an art studio, a nature explorations area known as ‘the jungle’, a home baking area and a large outdoor garden.

Director of the nursery, Adrian Mason, said to Nottinghamshire Live: “The benefit to children is that their work has created spaces to inspire awe and wonder. The spaces are enabling children to explore, imagine and think critically.

“The children benefit from the innovative environments as it sparks creativity and allows them to express themselves without barriers.

“In the art studio, the children have the freedom to create large scale projects or small individual achievements, through having access to a ‘wall of wonder’ where they can paint on large scale paper or use the artist easels to inspire masterpieces.

“In the nature exploration area, the children’s fascination with the natural world is fostered due to the children’s access to an amazing indoor discovery area.

“They can play in the magical fairy world, stimulate their senses in the bug area and develop their physical skills by climbing through the trees and over the wobbly bridge. The possibilities are endless.

“In the interactive classroom, the children can enjoy a quiet area where they can focus on consolidating all of their learning with the support of experienced practitioners who can help them on their learning journey.

“The focus in their area supports ICT development through access to an interactive smart table, lightbox, listening posts, iPads and all of the core areas of learning that build strong foundations for the rest of the child’s life.”

Story by: Nottinghamshire Live


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