Level 2 carpentry and joinery students from Darlington College have joined forces to refurbish the outdoor play areas at Rooftops Nursery as part of a project supporting their community.

Richmond Rooftops Nursery, who follow the Montessori ethos, will be able to boost their outdoor activities with children, and provide Forest School and nature activities, thanks to the work done to the play area.

Hannah Hurley, the owner of the nursery, said to the Teesdale Mercury: “Investing in our outdoor areas enhances children’s life skills and independence. We are launching our Forest School on July 29.

“Having the apprentices has been invaluable to contributing to the improvements outside.”

Andrew Wears, a Darlington College tutor, said that suitable work was found for the college students to give them the taste of real work: “They have done a good job, and it has been an excellent experience for them working with a real client.”

One of the students, Thomas Norton, said: “I spent three days there cleaning up the existing woodwork and replacing what couldn’t be repaired. The boat playhouse needed refurbishing, and I was pleased with how it all looked in the end.”

Story by: Teesdale Mercury


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