Children at The Nursery choosing names for the new puppy

Press release from The Nursery, Portishead.

Nursery owner Jackie Hardie has announced to parents that a therapy dog will be introduced to the nursery after months of research and consultation.

Jackie said: “Making a close connection with a dog can provide many benefits for children. As well as enjoying quality time with a loving companion, studies show that dogs are especially helpful to children when it comes to making emotional connections. Children who struggle to relate to their peers or unfamiliar adults can often forge a special relationship with a dog. A therapy dog can also have a calming effect on children, not to mention providing lots of fun and quality time with a loving companion at nursery.”

Jackie spent month seeking professional help to ensure they chose the right dog for the job to help enhance the lives of children at The Nursery and eventually found a litter of highly recommended miniature Labradoodles. She visited the puppies at their home, more than 100 miles away in Cornwall and chose the nursery dog which will arrive in Portishead on August 21st when it is eight weeks old.  The children will have to wait a while, however, before she joins them at The Nursery.

Jackie added: “Our gorgeous little puppy will need to be vaccinated and will then start intensive training to ensure she is ready to start her very important role as a therapy dog before she’s brought to nursery to meet everyone. She will be undertaking professional therapy dog training with a highly qualified trainer in order to help her qualify.”

Before all this happens however, the children have been asked to come up with a name for the dog and are placing their ideas in a suggestion box at the nursery ahead of her arrival.


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