You will need:

Cardboard tube, cut in half (such as the inside of a kitchen roll)
Coloured paper
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners

1.  Cut the coloured paper into pieces. You will need a piece for the body, one for the head, one for belly and one for the beak, you’ll be wrapping these around the cardboard tube so make sure they’re big enough!

2.  Glue them all in the correct places – use the photo as a guide. It doesn’t have to be perfect!
3.  Make two holes on the opposite sides at the bottom of the parrot (be very careful!) and run pipe cleaner through the holes.

4.  Glue the googly eyes on the head.
5.  Make two holes on each side to make space for the wings and one on the back for the tail. Stick the feathers through the holes.

6.  Glue last pieces of feather on the inside of the head so it creates a crest.
7.  You are done!

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