Press release from Elmscot Hale Day Nursery & Nursery School.

A preschool child from Elmscot Hale Day Nursery & Nursery School has brought his money box into nursery and requested that all its contents are given to the Children in Need charity.

To raise awareness and fundraise, Elmscot Hale children and staff have donned their pyjamas for Children in Need.

The Hale preschooler collects money to add to his money box with his grandfather – or “Papa” as he’s affectionately named. After he had learned about the Children in Need charity from his parents and what the money would be used for, the preschooler insisted that his savings go to the children who really need it.

Elmscot Hale Day Nursery is part of Elmscot Group, which provides outstanding childcare and education to over 1,800 children across Cheshire.

To find out more about Elmscot Hale Day Nursery & Nursery School and to enquire about childcare places, please call 0161 980 7019 or email hale@elmscot.co.uk.


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