Press release from Milton Hall Montessori School.

All the children at Milton Hall Montessori School have learned about the Australian official national day and how it has evolved over time to celebrate Australia and all of its people.

During the day, children participated in plenty of fun activities and joined in Australia Day arts and crafts.  A storybook was read to the children to help them understand about the wonderfully diverse society, amazing landscapes, and how the families and communities have come together.

They discovered Australian native animals, plants and cultures, engaging in lots of activities - including making their own Koala Bear Australia card using card, paint and cotton wool.

The day’s celebrations finished with some food!  The children really enjoyed eating a popular national dish in Australia …Vegemite on bread and toast.

Each of the children were offered a piece of Lamington cake to take home and all thanked Danica and family for sharing such a special celebration with everyone at Milton Hall Montessori School.


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