Schools have been told they have an extra year to bring their curriculum into line with Ofsted’s new inspection framework, after it announced an extension to its transition period.

The new framework, which places greater emphasis on curriculum content and less on outcomes, came into effect in September 2019. But Ofsted allowed for a 12 month transition period so that schools can be judged on the fact that they are currently in a phase of implementing the curriculum changes, as opposed to being judged on being fully ready. This means that school’s which have plans in place to review their curriculum in line with the new EIF and can demonstrate “genuine action” to do so are not penalised.

Ofsted’s national director of education Sean Harford has now revealed that this ‘grace’ period will be extended for another year, meaning schools will have this protection until July 2021.

Schools can still adopt the revised early years goals (EYG) in the EYFS a year before early years settings – from September 2020.

In his blog post last Thursday, 13th February he wrote: “We know that a great curriculum does not just appear perfectly formed overnight. It takes a great deal of thought, preparation and work to plan it. I’m also aware, through conversations with the Association of School and College Leaders and the National Association of Head Teachers, that some heads and senior leaders are concerned about getting their curriculum to where they want it to be by this coming September. Some schools are further along their curriculum journey than others.

The decision follows a fierce backlash against the new framework, which heads say penalises schools that have difficult intakes.

Source: https://schoolsweek.co.uk/ofsted-extends-curriculum-grace-period-for-a-year/


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