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To support social distancing measures across its five locations, Christopher Robin Day Nurseries is asking parents to check-in remotely using their smartphones when dropping off and picking up their children.

Christopher Robin Day Nurseries is using a virtual service that allows parents and caregivers to easily and safely drop off and pick up their children from its five locations since they reopened Monday, June 8.

The early childhood provider is utilising Qudini’s Queue Management Software, which allows parents to digitally check-in to its nurseries in an initiative designed to support social distancing measures by reducing the amount of time parents spend at its locations and create a streamlined drop-off and pickup process.

Parents are able to register to the home room their child is in and notify teachers when they have arrived to drop off their child or are ready to collect them. Instead of asking parents and children to wait in queues outside the nurseries, they are able to wait from the comfort and safety of their own cars. Teachers, who are very familiar with students and their parents/caregivers, continue to oversee the process while abiding by social distancing measures.

The Director of Christopher Robin Day Nursery, Daniel Seemungal-Owen, says:

“With social distancing measures likely to stay in place for the remainder of the year, it’s crucial that education providers take a long-term stance towards protecting students, parents and their staff.”

“Qudini’s virtual queuing system will help us to support parents with social distancing as they pickup and drop off their children, creating a safe environment for everyone, and a seamless and efficient service for parents.”

Qudini’s CEO and Co-Founder, Imogen Wethered, says:

“We’re very excited to be working with so many incredible organisations like Christopher Robin Day Nurseries in supporting their social distancing initiatives. Our current mission is to help people to safely and confidently visit stores, schools and other organisations because if we can achieve this, we can reduce the chances of the virus spreading further, as well as bolster the economy and ensure jobs remain intact. We envisage that virtual queuing and appointment booking software will play a significant role in helping the UK to fight the Coronavirus while keeping the economy in motion, and we’re working with new brands daily as a result.”

About Qudini

Qudini is a global B2B SaaS provider of Retail Choreography solutions, including software for: Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, Task Management and Event Bookings.

Within the new Covid-19 world, the Qudini solutions enable organisations to better service their customers both online and offline, while ensuring social distancing and maximum public safety, by enabling them to:

  • Support customers at home with: easy virtual appointments and effortless online webinar event bookings.
  • Ensure in-store social distancing through fast BOPIS in-store and curbside collections, streamlined queue management, simple visit time-slot bookings, efficient in-person appointments and HQ to store tasks and communications on public health guidelines.

Qudini’s clients include: Samsung, L’Occitane, Tesco, IQOS, NatWest, Standard Chartered, Telefonica and the NHS.

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