Press release from Tops Day Nurseries.

A Day care company with nurseries across the South West will remain open throughout the second lockdown.

On Saturday 31st October the Government announced there would be a second lockdown for four weeks, starting on Thursday 5th November and set to last until 2nd December 2020. In line with the government guidance, Tops Day Nurseries have pledged to remain open where possible to ensure stability and continuity for the children we care for.

Following the return of children after the first national lockdown we saw an increase in children showing early signs of anxiety and disruptions to children’s development after having to be isolated for so long which is why we are so delighted that this time the government has recognised the Early Years as a Key Service, playing an essential role in the development of the next generation.

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director said: "I am so proud of our colleagues who continue to provide an outstanding level of childcare during this unprecedented time. Tops Day Nurseries are open wherever there is demand from parents.

"With government restrictions not affecting childcare I am delighted that Tops Day Nurseries can remain open during this second lockdown, providing top quality childcare to those who need it”

Tops Day Nurseries care for children aged from three months to school age.

It will also continue operating 'Hi5's Club' for primary school children and will be offering emergency placements between the hours of 6am and 8pm, subject to demand and availability.

Ms Hadland continued: "The service we provide means we are just behind the front line, several of our nurseries are on hospital sites, and most of the rest look after children whose parents work in the NHS and emergency services.

“It’s our commitment to stay open so we can provide education and stability for all children and childcare for those that need it. It's important that we remain united and support each other in any way possible and I'm proud that we are able to help.”


About Tops Day Nurseries:

Tops Day Nurseries is the UK’s leading eco-sustainable childcare provider with 29 settings across the South Coast.

We  offer a wide range of activities and learning experiences to develop young minds, from messy play and cooking to problem-solving, storytelling, creative play and trips out. We also offer flexible bookings to the nearest 15 minutes, so you only pay for the hours you need.

Press contact: Zoe Roberts – Marketing Manager



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