The information below, including all links and attachments has been provided by HMRC and the Department for Education. We hope that you find it useful – please feel free to share with settings and parents.

HMRC and DfE have recently announced that working parents who receive support through a Government COVID-19 related support scheme (such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or Self-Employment Income Support Scheme) will still be eligible for childcare support through Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) and 30 hours free Childcare, even if they or their partner’s income falls below the normal minimum requirement. This support will align with the duration of the schemes. Additionally critical workers that have worked extra hours because of the pandemic will still be eligible for childcare support if they or their partner’s income goes over the £100,000 upper threshold in the current tax year (March 2020-2021).

Working Parents already using TFC across the UK and/or 30 hours free childcare in England are encouraged to re-confirm their eligibility as normal.  We’ve produced a pack to help you communicate with working parents about the available offers and support that has been put in place. In this pack you’ll find a range of materials including:

  1. Draft emails to share with parents or providers.
  2. An online flyer to share via email or social media channels with parents, promoting available support in response to the pandemic.
  3. Social media suggestions; which are available to download for you to share (below) and guidance on using the childcare choices logo.
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    2. Social media asset 2
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    4. Childcare choices logo

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