We are excited to announce that our Press Release on Adapting to the Early Years Covid 19 Challenges - titled Wrapping arms around the Early Years Industry - has been published by Morton Michel as well as FE News. The article describes what the Early Years industry faced during the first National Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and how Parenta adapted to suit the needs of its customers.

Summary of Adapting to the Early Years Covid 19 Challenges

In summary, the article focuses on customer service being the fore-front of our delivery. Our customer service team took on the challenge of providing ways to help our customers communicate with their customers more efficiently. This was primarily done by altering our current Nursery Management Software and creating new features to support Covid regulations.

Furthermore, the article talks about the necessary changes we needed to make in order to support our apprentices during the pandemic. Many of them were furloughed without notice and not physically in the workplace where their training takes place. How could apprentices continue with their course when their setting is closed? Some of them were supposed to sit their GCSEs in the spring, which is vital in order to complete their qualifications, however the world of exams was thrown into disarray.

Supplying quality training to learners during a pandemic is no easy task but Parenta was up for the challenge. The training team at Parenta moved pretty much everything from paper to online within a very short period of time. In addition to this, Parenta also needed to ensure that their high standard of quality that the training team provides was not compromised in any way.

Parenta promises to unconditionally support all its learners through their learning journey from start to finish – but even more so now having developed a robust virtual teaching and learning programme, regular telephone support and additional functional skills tuition.

We explain all of this in more detail on Morton Michel as well as FE News.

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