The government has published new guidance showing strengthened expectations for providing remote education while settings and schools remain closed. On 11th  January, they published useful advice to help teachers and leaders develop their education offer.

The guide, written by Professor Daniel Muijs, the head of Ofsted’s research team, shows what Ofsted found works well in remote education. It was written to help schools and childcare providers to deal with the current situation and support them with the new remote education curriculum, and proposes that the resources should be kept simple and straightforward, in the class or online as well as suggesting that feedback and assessment are still as important remotely as they are in the classroom.

From 18th January, Ofsted will restart monitoring inspections with childcare providers and school who were judged as inadequate or required improvement on their last inspection, looking at the progress being made by the setting. This monitoring inspection will not result in a grade. Inspectors will look at how the children and learners are coping under current circumstances.

Inspections will be carried out in line with the operational note which was published in December, looking into schools remote learning supply as well as considering complaints from parents.

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, said:

“Children and learners have lost a lot of education over the past year and there are understandable concerns, not least from parents, about how well children will learn during this lockdown.

“So I’m pleased there are now clear requirements for remote education – something I have called for throughout the pandemic. Teachers, Heads and other school staff are working incredibly hard to keep education going and I hope they find our short guide useful.

“It’s important in these challenging times that we return to our work in a constructive way. So we won’t be grading schools this term, but our inspections will consider how well children are being served, in order to provide reassurance to parents.”

Monitoring inspections will be carried out in a proportionate way and appropriate to current restrictions. Inspectors will adhere to the required social distancing measures and other public health guidance. Ofsted is also arranging for inspectors to be tested for coronavirus before face-to-face visits.

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