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It is the last chance for the early years sector to voice their opinion and help shape the industry for the better. The second draft of ‘Birth to 5 Matters’ has been published, along with another consultation survey seeking feedback from practitioners.

The second draft has a focus on finding a solution to showing progression in learning and development without setting expectations for children in different age categories. This draft also contains some new sections, including care, self-regulation, and summative assessment.

Beatrice Merrick, Chief Executive of Early Education and Chair of the Early Years Coalition said, ”This draft guidance is a testament to the enthusiasm of the sector for doing what is best for children.“

Beatrice further states that ”We want to hear from practitioners and leaders in all kinds of settings, working with children at all ages from birth to five, whether they are new to early years or seasoned practitioners. We want all views to be heard and taken into account as we develop the final version of the resource.”

The online consultation will run until 26 February after which the guidance will be revised in response to the feedback before publication of the final guidance at the end of March. The launch will include a downloadable version, an interactive online version, and supplementary resources available online.

Read the full article here. https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/news/article/birth-to-5-matters-guidance-have-your-say

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