Press release from: Horn End Nurseries

Our children at Horn End had been talking about Captain Tom and we had discussed how all superheroes don't wear cloaks!

During the pandemic we have been holding regular special events to recreate the special entertainment children may normally have been able to experience at weekends and with their extended families. It was at natural progression to hold a superhero day where the children could dress up and we would create a fun day for them.

One of the team suggested we have a collection box for the Captain Tom foundation at the entrance to the nurseries and as a result we raised £220.

Children tackled assault courses, ate wonder dogs and Kryptonite cookies, played in hospital role play and did a strong person challenge! Even our babies joined in!

Holding these special events has been alleviating the guilt parents feel about their children missing out. The feedback from parents has been overwhelming with one dad saying" thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts on superhero day! Lily talked non stop till bedtime about all the exciting things she had been doing".

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