Press release from: Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School

At Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School, we like to come together as a family and raise money for causes that are close to our hearts. During the end of our Spring Term, we shared with the children the importance of sharing with others and how important it is to contribute and help when we can. A little bit goes a long way.

As part of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, the children joined in the Hop for Cancer fundraiser. The children used Bunny Hop Trackers to track how many hops they could do every day and were sponsored by their parents and grandparents to reach their targets!

We took advantage of the fabulous weather and took our bunny’s to the Village Green to do their hopping! Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School raised a fabulous £430.00 .

Our journey to the village green wearing our bunny ears

Bunny Hops on the green

Children and Teachers achieved their bunny hops

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