These reveal pictures are great for making displays out of. (We would love to see your displays if you do make them, tweet us at @Jo3Grace and @TheParentaGroup). If you’ve been able to do them on cardboard (some delivery boxes are perfect for it as I discovered) then they may well be durable enough to display at child height. This is a great thing to do because then children, as they explore: seeing the pictures of their friends and revealing the thoughts that lie within them, can have a hands on experience of hidden differences. They see the array of faces: here are my friends we look alike in some ways and we look different in some ways. And inside my friends, inside their brains, where they think, are different things. Some of my friends like the same things as me, some of them like different things to me.

What do you need?

  • Paper

  • Pens/crayons/coloured pencils 

  • Glue sticks 

  • Optional: Cardboard (some packaging boxes that books or DVDs are delivered in are perfect for this as we discovered)


1. Fold an A4 piece of paper so that the two end quatres meet in the middle of the length, hiding half of the page.

2. Take a second piece of paper and attach it to the first so that it folds down covering the half page.

3. You now have three layers: 1) the folded outside, 2) the covering flap 3) the inside.

4. Draw the outline of a head on the first and third layer. On the middle layer draw a brain or alternatively, print a brain drawing. We have a free template you could download here.

5. Ask the children to draw their own face on the outside layer.

6. Invite them to colour in the brain that is revealed when they look inside their heads:

7. Ask them what they are thinking, or what they like, and have them draw this below the flap.

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