This craft is in relation to the Celebrating difference and neurodivergence - part 4” article by Joanna Grace

You will need:

  • A large cardboard box
  • An old T-shirt 
  • A selection of different items to feel



1. Cover the box with the T-shirt

2. Cut two holes in the sides of the box, level with where the sleeves of the T-shirt meet the box

3. The children will be able to reach down the T-shirt sleeves to feel the contents of the box and the fabric of the sleeves will stop them from being able to peek inside

4. Place something to explore inside the box and invite different children to feel it - and to describe what they feel and what they think about it

5. You could try the following:

Cotton wool, peeled soft fruit - like grapes or tomatoes (dropping them into boiling water makes their skin easy to peel off) something gooey or slimy, like slime, gak or a homemade playdough, feathers, polystyrene, ice cubes

6. A feelie box is essentially a container that isolates our sense of touch. Consider how you could create a similar experience for other senses, like tasting with a blindfold on or closing your eyes and listening

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