Press release from: Milton Hall Montessori

This year has been a trying year full of restrictions and rules for all of us. Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School we decided to take a different approach to the restrictions and have taken the children on a fantastic trip around the World in 55 days!

At Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School we have a diverse and multicultural group of children and staff members, that come from all corners of the globe!
The children had such a fantastic term filled with different experiences and we topped it off with a Summer Art Exhibition for the Parents to come and see all the wonderful work their children have done.
Crafts such as an Abanico fan from Spain, a coral reef from Australia, a Ndebele Doll from Zimbabwe and a Sombrero from Mexico!
As children grow they will become more involved in their community.
This project has helped the children with a solid start at understanding what it means to belong to their community by supporting belonging in the classroom.
When children feel like they belong in the classroom they are also learning to recognise and respect others that belong to the classroom.

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