Your brand is arguably one of the most important assets of your childcare business. It gives it an identity; one that is recognisable, which can connect with existing parents/carers, that can encourage new customers, and can bring your employee’s pride. It is at the core of your marketing strategy. So, how can you check you’re making the most of your branding?

  1. Do you Have Brand Identity?

This is more than just your logo and font choice: this is about your ‘values’ - how you communicate them to your parents and local community, your USP (unique selling point), the way you answer your phone, reply to your emails and how you make people feel when they interact with any member of your team.

  1. Check Your Brand is Consistent

Is your brand consistent across all your marketing materials? Your website, business cards, signage, banners, social media pages, prospectus, emails and newsletter should all reflect your brand and complement one another. If you find inconsistencies when reviewing these, then it’s time to update.

  1. Check your website!

This is your key online marketing platform showcasing your business brand. Ensure all your policies and procedures, downloadable forms, menus and documents are all reflecting your branding.

  1. Quality Check

Be sure to check whether your pictures are of good quality, whether the images of your setting are culturally well-balanced and up to date, whether the contact information is correct and consistent. Think about the overall impression these factors make on your audience and how professional your business is perceived by your customers.

  1. Domain and Emails

Is your email reflecting your domain? (For example, if your domain is parentanursery.co.uk then your email should be info@parentanursery.co.uk or contact@parentanursery.co.uk or hello@parentanursery.co.uk)

Your brand speaks volumes to your customers about your professionalism, and the quality of service they can expect to receive. Therefore, getting your branding message consistent across all your marketing materials is important. Taking the time to review this will also help you reach your target audience much more effectively.

Looking for help branding your setting? Contact our website team today and they will be more than happy to help!


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