Young children are kinaesthetic learners, and they need to move to learn!   

Exclusive FREE ‘Looking for Pandas’ training experience (RRP 60.25)

Here for you, is a full FREE “Looking for Pandas” training experience from Littlemagictrain™, that combines the elements of music, make-believe, and movement to give you a multi-sensory approach to reach all your children and help them learn. Perfect for children with additional learning needs. The sessions have been created in such a way to give you many opportunities for learning through play and the fun of “what next?”. The perfect way to help children with myelin building. Did you read the article last month?

“Looking for Pandas” is our new “special edition” and this month it is FREE just for Parenta readers.  Visit www.littlemagictrain.com and use the code PARENTAPANDAS.  

If you take advantage of this offer, you and the children will meet the Littlemagictrain™. You will just need to get your magic sprinkles to help him grow so you can all fit inside and then it’s time to go “toot, toot” and off you go.   

In your adventure “Looking for Pandas”, the Littlemagictrain™ stops on Mount Everest and after looking at your map, together, you discover that you are in the wrong place.  

You come across a family of red cranes, who helps you fly to the Great Wall of China.

On the wall, you accidentally wake up some very fierce and noisy dragons.  

You manage to get away from them and stumble over a very hungry pangolin looking for ants.  

Between his slurping and burping, he directs you to the Bamboo Forest where you and the children get a huge fright from the tiger hiding in the bamboo.  

The tiger is so sorry that he scared you that he helps you. You run with the tigers, all the way to the pandas who you find doing somersaults, climbing trees, dancing, and of course taking a well-deserved nap.

When the pandas have fallen asleep it’s time to jump on board the Littlemagictrain™ and go “toot, toot!” all the way home. Once you have put him away safely, you can sit down with the children and ask questions about where you went, who you saw, what they did, how you felt – so many opportunities for additional learning.  

Did you know that throughout the session you will be helping the children improve their:

  • Speech and language skills
  • Personal and social development
  • Emotional regulation, self-esteem and confidence
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world and yourself
  • Physical literacy
  • Mathematical development

If you are feeling a little anxious, don’t worry as you will receive all the information needed to run the session. As part of the giveaway, we will also include the training videos linked to the session. Don’t forget we are also here to help you if you need any assistance.

And a little something extra for the children

A certificate to present to the children at the end of the final session. This certificate has been designed so the children can retrace their journey along the train tracks at home with their family and friends.

All you must do is go to www.littlemagictrain.com and go to “Shop” and in the category “Special Offer” pop the ‘Looking for Pandas’ pack in your basket. Once in your basket, enter your details and then use the Discount Coupon Code PARENTAPANDAS and it will be 100% FREE.  

If you have any issues at all, please contact Littlemagictrain™ directly on 01865 321212 or hello@littlemagictrain.com and we will sort it out for you.

A little bit about the music

Music composed and performed by Jonathan Still with drums, mixing and mastering by Andrew Holdsworth. In the music for “Looking for Pandas”, they have used some traditional Chinese instruments, though not in a traditional Chinese way, more just as a way of signalling “this is where we are today, in this adventure”.  

In the red cranes, we tried to capture both the grace and flow of flying, as well as the epic grandeur of seeing a whole continent and its landmarks from a bird’s-eye-view.  We love using sound effects, so you’ll hear recordings of tigers growling along, pangolins slurping (and occasionally burping, after eating too many ants), and the sound we think the pandas might make inside when turning somersaults.  

For absolutely no reason at all, except that we learned that Marlene Dietrich could play the musical saw, we decided to write a tune for the relaxing pandas on that instrument, which turns into a boisterous waltz for the somersaults. Although they look lazy and ponderous, we think that secretly pandas might enjoy dance parties, so we gave them an up-tempo final dance, followed by some music to chill, and meditate when it all gets too much, and they need a little rest.  

About the musicians

Jonathan Still and Andrew Holdsworth have over twenty years of experience of music in the dance world, whether it’s working with pre-school children or with some of the biggest stars of the international ballet scene: Jonathan as pianist for ballet schools and companies, and music producer Andrew, playing for ballet classes and recording music projects for dance schools and companies.

About the illustrator

Anthony Shoreman created all the illustrations for this adventure, and we are so pleased that he continues to work on many other adventures and activities for Littlemagictrain™. 

About the creator of Littlemagictrain

Gina Bale has taught, for over 28 years, movement and dance in mainstream, early years and SEND settings as well as dance schools. Whilst teaching, Gina found the time to create the ‘Hi-5’ dance programme to run alongside the Australian Children’s TV series and the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy for Hit Entertainment. Her proudest achievement to date, apart from her daughter, is Littlemagictrain™. She created this specifically to help children, including her daughter, learn through movement and play. Gina’s long-suffering daughter spent her formative years being a guinea pig, testing the format of the adventures, until they were just right. 

About the author:

Gina’s background was originally ballet, but she has spent the last 27 years teaching movement and dance in mainstream, early years and SEND settings as well as dance schools.

Whilst teaching, Gina found the time to has create the ‘Hi-5’ dance programme to run alongside the Australian Children’s TV series and the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy for Hit Entertainment. 

Her proudest achievement to date is her baby Littlemagictrain.  She created this specifically to help children learn through make-believe, music and movement.  One of the highlights has been seeing Littlemagictrain delivered by Butlin’s famous Redcoats with the gorgeous ‘Bonnie Bear’ on the Skyline stage.

Gina has qualifications of teaching movement and dance from the Royal Ballet School, Trinity College and Royal Academy of Dance.

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