You will need:

  • A transparent container – we used a 500ml drinks bottle but you can use something with a wider neck if you want to use larger objects inside. 
  • Something ‘granular’ for the shaking part of the search jar, e.g. rice, lentils, small plastic beads, sand. 
  • A range of objects small enough to pass through the neck of your container but varied enough to be easily and separately identifiable. Items could include coins, small plastic figurines, nuts and bolts, snippets of coloured thread, shells, brightly coloured beads or even parts of old jewellery!


1. Place all your ‘search’ items into the container and cover with the granules. Top tip: Do this in layers to ensure they are spread out within the jar. Don’t just fill the jar with granules first and then try to fit them all in as that will end up in a mess. 

2. Secure the lid: depending on who you will be sharing the jar with, you may want to glue the lid shut, or simply ensure it is well screwed on. 

3. Label accordingly, either with a list of items or simply the number of items that are in the container. Top tip: Add a short instruction or question, e.g. “Find 6 items” or “What can you find in me?” 

4. Your search jar is complete – we hope it brings you and the children hours of fun!

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