Your fabulous new website is built, you have the back-office login details in your hand, and now you can access your site to make changes yourself… hooray!

But… when you’re making these changes, are you giving enough thought to the quality of your page or gallery images you are placing on your site?

When updating your nursery website, you may be forgiven for thinking that content is the only aspect to focus on. However, all images and photos you add have a greater impact than you think.

  • High quality, compelling and relevant images will not only help improve the layout of the page but encourage parents/prospective parents to stay on your site for longer - boosting conversion to sales and decreasing your ‘bounce’ (emails returning to you undelivered) rate.
  • Studies have shown that online content with high quality images receive a higher percentage of views than those with poor or no images at all. This will boost your SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • The images that you place on your website reflect your setting and can show parents/prospective parents how you showcase your business. You don’t want people to see a blurry/pixelated image as this does not look professional.
  • Google rates high quality imagery and will reward your site for this.


If you have a social media account, please make sure you link your website to this to help drive traffic. Social media is a great place to ‘like and share’ to increase your reach. People are more likely to ‘like and share’ high quality images than pixelated ones!

If you have any questions about your website or would like further advice, please get in touch with us at websites@parenta.com.


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