November is National Blog Posting Month – and to celebrate this, we are giving you our top tips on how having a blog can boost your ranking on search engines and ultimately increase your occupancy levels!

The aim of a blog is to not only create a good parent partnership but also to give a fantastic reason for parents/carers to keep returning to your website. It can also help to increase awareness of your setting, making it easier for parents searching online to find you.

If you don’t already have a blog or need inspiration for what to put on yours, check out our top tips:

1. Topics of the week – Parents love to be kept informed and see what their children have been up to. You can even add photos of the children painting pictures, messy play, or have a ‘book of the week’. Letting parents know which topic you are covering can encourage parents to help develop this at home too!

2. Trips out - Perhaps you went out to the local park, or you went on a minibeast hunt in the woodlands? Make your blog the ‘go to’ place to showcase all you do in your setting

3. News and events - It’s so important to keep your parents up to date with any events you may have at the nursery; nobody likes bringing their child in on a dress up day and feeling like they didn’t get the memo! Not only should ‘dates for your diary’ be shown within your website but it’s a great idea to ensure nearer to the time they are mentioned on your blog. Parents will love to hear about these updates and will feel confident that the setting is organised and they are being kept informed.

4. Health updates - Whether it be nits, chicken pox, hand foot and mouth, or covid updates, it’s the perfect place to ensure you are delivering important information fast.

As with all content that you post online, please ensure that if you are using pictures of the children from your setting you have the parents/carers permission, and this is documented.


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