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Every year, we celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali.


The children and teachers celebrated Diwali at Milton Hall Montessori School. We began our week of Diwali celebrations on Friday 5th of November, by introducing the children to Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word Dipawali which translates as row of lights. Festivities begin with the lighting of lamps on the night of the new moon in the month of Kartika (October-November). The celebration throughout the country continues for at least two or three days. 

Diwali is THE festival of lights and fun for each family member. Every member of family contributes towards decorations. It is about celebrating and spending time with each other. Diwali means sweets and gifts. It brings a smile on the face and the spirit of sharing is on its high.

In our Practical Life area we had lantern making, diya poking out tracing and coloring different diyas and also glued diyas together.  We made colourful Indian elephants made out of clay using glitter, sequins, beads, jewels and bells for decorations.

Diversity helps children understand different cultures. It also helps educate how we represent different backgrounds although we live in the same continent. Coming together and celebrating as one is what makes us a true Montessori school.

 It was celebrated with great pomp and show in Milton Hall Montessori school. The whole school was decorated very tastefully with fresh flowers & Shimmers. Children dressed up in colourful Indian costumes. We also enjoy a dance performance and other special activities as part of our celebration.

All the aspects related to Diwali were explained to the children in a very interesting way. They were also told a story  by Sutindar Lal  she explored and re- enact the of Rama and Sita. That this day is also celebrated as a day of home coming (Ayodhya) of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile. Everyone wears new clothes on Diwali and exchanges gifts & sweets among friends and relatives.

 At Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School, the things which are related to Diwali were put up on display Children had special festive treat and gifts on this occasion like Diyas, Indian colourful decorated elephants to carry to their homes.

We all enjoyed learning more about Diwali and sharing and celebrating this important festival together. Happy Diwali. 

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