Press release from: Milton Hall Montessori School

On Friday 21st January 2022 we had a visit from Carl The Beekeeper, who very kindly gave a talk to the children about bees, which included showing the children the life cycle of bees and their honeycombs.

We learnt about bees and why they are so important for the environment. We learnt all about honey, the different types of flavours and how bees make honey.
We learnt about what a beekeeper wears to keep safe.
Beekeeper Carl taught us the life cycle of a bee…. We even learnt that bees have 5 eyes!
We also learnt how beekeepers keep bees calm so that they can collect the honey safely.
We learnt about honeycomb and why the Queen bee lays eggs.
We also learnt about Beekeeper Carl feeds the bees honey and water to make sure they have energy. What a interesting morning we all had! Now we know how and why we need to look after the bees.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit especially looking at the hive equipment.
We would like to thank Carl for taking the time to come and speak with the children and for bringing the observation hive.

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