Press release from: Pam McFarlane

May 25th, 2022, was an auspicious moment for EnRich Coaching for Educators who hosted their official launch in the beautiful Cafe at City Coast Centre in Brighton & Hove.

Pam McFarlane, founder of EnRich Coaching for Educators, opened the evening by introducing the team, all of whom are educators and accredited coaches. Alongside Pam, the team includes Ruth Lewis, Yo Clay and Sallianne Robinson. Their team will soon be enriched by two other experienced coaches, Dr Simon Lewis and Dr Shadrack Mwale.

Guest speakers included Mr Mike Jee, a Head Teacher in West Sussex, who spoke so eloquently about the challenges of leading a school in these post-Covid times. Referencing his own experience as a Head Teacher, he highlighted the fact that often Heads carried the wellbeing of their staff on their shoulders but they themselves received little or no wellbeing support.

Pamela Willemse, a Nursery Manager in Hove who worked for ten years as a tutor for Early Years apprentices, shared how the pressures of life and work caused nearly 50% of apprentices countrywide to drop out of their study course. She explained how tutors were supposed to coach their apprentices but there was no time for that in the time allocated with them. Also, few tutors understood what coaching meant or how it worked, so appropriate coaching techniques that equip the student for managing their workload and life challenges were seldom used.

Ruth Lewis, a highly experienced coach and part of the coaching team, spoke about coaching; what coaching is, how it can transform a person's life by the coach asking the right questions and how coaching equips and empowers individuals for success. Ruth gave examples from teachers who loved their profession, but chose to leave due to mounting work pressures for which no support was given. She also spoke passionately about people whose personal and work life had been transformed by coaching and how this process can powerfully and positively impact the educational sector.

Yo Clay, another member of the EnRich team, described her experience of working as a teacher in a primary school. Yo highlighted the clear changes that have happened over the years, speaking about the unprecedented pressures staff encounter daily at this present time. She spoke about the effects of a changing society on children and their families and how this affected classroom behaviour and parental support. Yo affirmed how coaching can empower staff to deliver an enriching curriculum whilst looking after their own wellbeing.

Pam closed the evening by thanking everyone who helped make the launch such a lovely occasion. She reiterated how EnRich Coaching for Educators was a business with heart, driven by the team's passion and commitment to the wellbeing of educators across the sector.

For more information visit: www.enrich4educators.com

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