Press release from: Tops Day Nurseries

Children at Tops Day Nurseries have been paying tribute to Her Late Majesty the Queen this week through various activities and the creation of keepsakes.

Children at a number of the Tops nurseries have been collecting pennies to attach to a copy of a special poem which they have been taking home to keep as a memory. Others designed their own crowns, painted the Queen, had a go at making the Queen's tea and all had many open discussions about the Queen. The Tops teachers have been answering the many questions the children have to try and help them understand this unsettling time for them as they know something has happened but don’t quite understand what.

Amy Alderson, Director of Early Years Audit and Training, said; "We were aware that being such a highly respected public figure, the children would likely be exposed to media around the Queens death. With children being as inquisitive as they are, we felt it very necessary for us to do a range of age-appropriate activities with the children to help them to understand what was happening. We encouraged the children to ask questions and held little celebrations in honour of the Queen. This is an event that will be recorded in History and that our children will look back on in years to come. I'm proud of all our Nurseries for providing the children with the education, honesty and support they needed during this time of grieving".

Tops Day Nurseries provides eco-sustainable Early Education and Care for children aged 3 months to school age. They have over 30-day nurseries across the South and Southwest. Tops also offer before, after-school and Hi5 holiday clubs for children up to the age of 11. They have also recently launched a Hi5's Forest School, a way for children to have fun and learn whilst being outside.

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