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Tops Day Nurseries, an eco-sustainable family of day nurseries, have recently taken part in a company-wide clean up day, ‘Tops Clean-Up Day’.

The 'Tops clean-up day' was inspired by World Cleanup Day, one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 191 countries across the world for a cleaner planet. A goal that crosses borders and defies religious and cultural differences. On a single day volunteers and partners worldwide come together globally to rid our planet of trash - cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.

During 'Tops Cleanup Day', nurseries throughout Tops had the chance to take some of their children out litter picking. They collected all kinds of rubbish, including plastic bottles, straws, wrappers, and cans. All the rubbish went into compostable bags ready to dispose of correctly. During the clean-up, the staff and children discussed why they shouldn't litter and any ideas the children had for how the litter ended up there.

The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with at least 33 percent of that not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Waste blindness is a serious issue, some countries struggle with rivers of plastic, overflowing landfills, and some countries are simply blind to how the trash is created and where it is disposed of. Considering this, Tops Day Nurseries ensure that their children are educated about the importance of picking up litter and the damage it can do to the environment.

Amanda Vardy, Regional Manager, said; "It is so essential to teach children about littering, plastic is one of the most persistent pollutants on Earth so to teach children the importance of picking up rubbish and throwing it away is key to reducing the amount of litter around us. It helps children to understand why the environment is important and provides them with the building blocks they need to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives".

Tops Day Nurseries provides eco-sustainable Early Education and Care for children aged 3 months to school age. They have over 30-day nurseries across the South and Southwest. Tops also offer before, after-school and Hi5 holiday clubs for children up to the age of 11. They have also recently launched a Hi5's Forest School, a way for children to have fun and learn whilst being outside.

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