Press release from: Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School

The children at Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School took part in the school annual Harvest Festival celebration.

Traditionally a time for reflection and gratitude, children at Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School was  joined by Madeleine at Circle Time from BESOM.  This is a charitable organisation that focuses on ensuring those who have something to give are able to focus their giving in the right places.

At the Circle Time, on 13th October, Madeleine spoke to the children about the work of BESOM charitable organisation, which provides food and other essential items to families and individuals experiencing financial difficulties, and thanked Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School for their donations.

Madeleine said “It is the time of year when farmers harvest but also a time of thanks for what we have sowed and are now reaping in food. The generosity of Milton  Hall Montessori families to the BESOM has been wonderful. It is so important that we continue to reach out and support our community.”

“The children felt a wonderful sense of being able to come together and support people in the wider community. Thank you everyone.”

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