Christopher Russell, National Director Education has posted a new article on the Ofsted Early Years Blog in which he explains what Ofsted will be doing as part of its early years strategy.

He writes, “In April 2022, we published our new strategy, which sets out what we hope to achieve over the next 5 years. One aspect we’re particularly committed to is to develop what we know about early years education and to use that knowledge to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of good early education and care. Because it's so important for children to receive good quality education in their formative years, we have called this part of our strategy ‘The best start in life’. We know that a good early education sets the foundation for children’s later success and it:

  • enables a strong start at school
  • can avoid unnecessary labelling of children with special educational needs
  • increases children’s engagement with school-age education
  • reduces poor behaviour.”

He continues; “but not all children get a good early education. To further develop our understanding of what high-quality early years learning and development looks like, we're going to focus research in this area. We’ll share our findings at every stage. We’ll also use what we learn in our inspector training. We want our research to be helpful for those working directly with children, so we’ll also ask early years leaders to tell us how they’re using it.”

He explains that Ofsted will be publishing a 3-part research review over the next year which will focus on birth to 4 years – which builds on the research that Ofsted carried out for the Education Inspection Framework.

Read the full blog here.

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