From customer to colleague: How one of Parenta Training’s valued customers became a successful Tutor …with Parenta Training!

Tatia Singleton originates from the USA and her passion has always been teaching and supporting older learners. However, when she became a mother, she found herself drawn to childminding and not long after her daughter started school, she found herself falling in love with early years education!

She explains “There’s something so special about being there at the beginning of the learning journey, watching those little ones become engaged in the environment, supporting their next steps.  You can see the learning, that spark of understanding, taking place in their eyes.  It’s so rewarding, motivating, and magical”,

At the beginning of her career, she gained experience ‘on the ground’, managing children’s centres and nurseries, studying at the same time and gaining her Levels 3 and 4 in CCLD. Still hungry for progression, she then gained her Bachelor’s Degree and Early Years Professional Status at Anglia Ruskin and completed her qualifications with a Masters Degree in Child Development. That is no mean feat!

As a nursery manager, she took on a new staff member who was doing her apprenticeship with Parenta Training.  She says; “The tutor was so supportive and knowledgeable, that I found myself interested in the idea of becoming a tutor myself.  In addition, I was signing up two new learners with Parenta and found the process of government funding an absolute nightmare.  But the Parenta team were really helpful and went out of their way to guide me through.  No question was too silly or request too small.  They really took the stress out of it for me. And I thought to myself ‘that’s the kind of company I want to work for, one that puts their customer needs first and provides a top-notch experience.”

She continues; “And now, here I am!  Ready to move forward on a new path.  I feel like I have come full circle, back to my original plan to work with older learners.  But now, I hope I will be able to impart a little of my hard-won knowledge and undying passion for early years education and ignite the torch for a new generation of early years educators.”

A few months in and Tatia has already helped many of her learners with their learning journey and gain their childcare qualifications.


Here is her story, we hope you enjoy it!…

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