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Abacus Nursery Management Software

Produce invoices for your whole setting within a matter of minutes.

Abacus has a wide range of reports from occupancy to enquiries to free entitlement to staff. 

Track staff holiday, absences, sickness and even training courses and qualifications!

Keep your parents in the loop by sending them personalised emails directly from the system.

Log all your enquiries, track how families are hearing about you and schedule show round times.

Abacus can make the daily tasks of running a nursery less stressful but also less time consuming!

"The implementation of Parenta in our new nursery has proved its value from day one. It is quick and easy to get up and running, intuitive to use and the flexibility of the system is excellent."

Our support team is at the ready to assist you with anything!

Abacus stores all data on our highly secure servers that are backed up every single night.

Check your occupancy levels at any time and run comparisons on previous years. 




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Book a demo and find out how Abacus Nursery Management Software can save you time and money! 

Track exactly how people heard about you, and track how they get in touch. 

Abacus has reduced the planning and preparation time for our customers by up to 50%.

Track where your enquiries come from, book show rounds and monitor conversions! 

Benefit from free updates to the system each time a deployment is made! 

Check your occupancy as and when you need to – anywhere, any hour!

Stores your data on our highly secure servers that are backed up every single night.

What Can Abacus Do For You

Did You Know?

We've been helping childcare settings like yourself for over 12 years and we'd love to use our expertise to help you solve the admin headaches you face at work!

  • We have over 1000 customers who are currently using Abacus  
  • Since releasing Abacus in 2005, we have done over 750 deploys and updates  
  • We won an award for our innovative technology!

Happy customers.

Boys & Girls Nursery

"As we have grown we have found ‘Abacus’ to be an invaluable part of our business in terms of reliability, user friendliness and adaptability to our requirements. The Parenta support team are just that, supportive and responsive, exactly what you need from your nursery management software provider."

Fun Care Limited

"Abacus has cut down on the planning and preparation work in our nurseries by 50%…."

Banana Moon Day Nursery

"We would recommend Parenta and Abacus to anyone managing a nursery. It is a very clever and flexible tool, which helps us with day to day management of the nurseries, but also with forward planning."

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