Boost child development through outdoor learning

Boost child development through outdoor learning

Outdoor learning at Farley Nursery School

“Excellent use of natural resources enhances children’s learning experiences” Ofsted Report

Children can develop better social, literacy and numeracy skills by being outside, as demonstrated at the Farley Nursery School.

Set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, the private nursery has a unique ‘outdoor learning’ ethos, delivering the early years curriculum away from typical indoor comforts.

With over two acres of beautiful garden adjacent to the nursery, children can participate in a number of nature-learning activities throughout the year. Whether it is taking part in a nature hunt, learning a new song or investigating the capacity of a wheel barrow, the children are happy to learn on their next adventure.

The outside activities quickly encourage children to develop social skills. The obstacle course influences children of various ages to mix and show consideration for one another, while the freedom to participate in activities such as bike riding and running keeps them active throughout the day.

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