What are the biggest challenges for childcare providers?

What are the biggest challenges for childcare providers?

Over the past few months, childcare staff across the UK have been giving us feedback to the question 'What is the biggest challenge you face in running your business?'

40% of you said that paperwork and lack of time to do it was the biggest issue you face. A quarter said managing staff, particularly rotas and ratios, was a challenge. Fee collection and making sure parents pay on time was the third most common theme, without upsetting the parent-carer relationship.

Other things that keep you up at night are maintaining or increasing occupancy, keeping up to date with the latest policies and procedures, and ensuring you meet high Ofsted standards.

The wordcloud below shows the most popular topics (the bigger the word, the more times it was mentioned in the feedback). If you missed the survey, click here to have your say.


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