Receive £1,500 – £3,000 for employing a young apprentice

Receive £1,500 – £3,000 for employing a young apprentice

The AGE 16 to 24 Grant for Employers aims to support nurseries, who would not otherwise be in a position to do so, to recruit individuals aged 16 to 24 into employment though the Apprenticeship programme.

The National Apprenticeship Service will provide AGE 16 to 24 year olds to eligible employers, in respect of qualifying apprentices, with an individual value of £1,500. Employers can be paid ten grants in total during the lifetime of the initiative.

AGE 16 to 24 is available to any nursery (with less than 1000 employees), who are new to Apprenticeships or haven’t enrolled a new recruit or existing employee onto an Apprenticeship programme in the previous 12 months.

An enhanced London AGE 16 to 24 Grant of £3000 is available to employers with London postcodes from 10 June - 31 December 2013. The enhanced London grant comprises of the £1500 available as part of the existing NAS AGE 16 to 24 Grant, which has been matched by another £1500 from the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) to make a total enhanced grant to eligible employers of £3000.

Looking for an Apprentice? Parenta can help.

If you are considering hiring an apprentice, speak to Parenta as we receive CV’s every day from young people looking for an opportunity to work in childcare.  We will spend the time to understand exactly who you are looking for, and will match any suitable applicants for you.

We will then arrange an interview at a mutually convenient time, and prepare the applicant in advance.  If you decide to recruit an apprentice, we will enroll them onto a level 2 or 3 apprenticeship (according to previous experience) and carry out observations within the workplace.

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