Ofsted should be split in two, says MPs’ committee.

Ofsted should be split in two, says MPs’ committee.

Ofsted head Christine Gilbert

“There are issues about additional costs and a risk of distraction from the core business – namely continuing to deliver high-quality, rigorous inspection which helps to drive up standards for children and learners everywhere.”

England’s education and children’s services regulator Ofsted is too big to function effectively and should be split in two, MPs argue.

The Commons Education Committee is calling for it to be divided into separate inspectorates for education and children’s care.

Ofsted broadened its remit to cover children’s services when the Department for Education did the same in 2007.

Ofsted said any re-structuring was a matter for the government.

The government said it would consider the findings and respond in due course.

The committee reported in 2010 that the growth of Ofsted’s responsibilities was causing it to “become an unwieldy and unco-ordinated body”.

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