New improved Customer Support Desk for Abacus users

New improved Customer Support Desk for Abacus users

Following feedback from Abacus users, Parenta have invested in a much improved Customer Support Desk. This new service offers a wide range of enhancements to our already award-winning service.

1. We commit to providing a written response to each question you ask through the helpdesk, ensuring that the answer is clear and enabling you to refer back to it at any time. Where appropriate, we will also provide a link to the appropriate page in the Abacus Help Manual. The existing 1 working hour response time remains.

2. You will be able to see any query asked by another member of your team, enabling you to see the instructions they have been given, and ensuring that we only have to answer a question once for your organisation.

3. If you have a new idea, or a suggestion for improvement, you can submit it in writing and receive regular updates on its progress. Some ideas may be accepted, or rejected, immediately, and we will advise you accordingly. Others may be put into a public forum for other Abacus users to comment and share their feelings before a decision is made on development.

4. You now have the opportunity to support or reject the ideas put forward by other users, and ensure that your voice is heard before any development takes place.

5. If we have a known issue with Abacus (it happens), we will publicise it in the support desk and provide feedback on the progress being made to resolve it.

6. Every time we provide any help through the Support Desk, you will be offered the chance to rate the service you have received, enabling us to identify and improve any time we let you down!

Customers will receive their login details via their primary Abacus email account. If you have not received your email yet, please request one within your Abacus system via the Communication section.

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