Abacus features – keeping your data secure and close to hand


Misplacing a paper file on a child or trying to find it in a hurry can be a real pain. Our nursery software will hold all your children’s details in one place; from birthdays and siblings to medicine and allergies.  You can store notes on the child’s key person, accidents, incidents and social services. When you change one part of the system, it’ll amend all areas, so you only need to update details once!


With so much sensitive data, you need to be sure it’s all held safely and cannot be lost easily. With Abacus, you can safeguard the personal data you hold against accidental loss, damage and unauthorised access; allowing you to protect each child’s personal information 24/7. You can even lock down parts of the system so that only certain members of staff can access it. All this makes it much more secure than a paper-based system.


Keeping track of carers’, who’s paying bills and who to contact in an emergency can seem like a full time job in itself. It’s even harder for a new member of staff joining your team to quickly place their hands on the information they need. Abacus holds all these records in one place, so you never have to look far.

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