Abacus features – simpler setting management

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Abacus has been built to take the stress out of managing a nursery, allowing you to concentrate on caring for children.

A date for the diary

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We’ll support you in setting up terms, business holidays and key staffing dates so you can use the online diary to plan. The diary will also contain information like children’s birthdays, so you can get the cake in time!

Rooms, age bands and fees


When you buy Abacus, one of our customer care team will talk to you about your rooms, age bands and fees, so all of that will be set up when your new system is released. We can add meals and other products, so you really are ready to go!

Managing your ratios

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When someone is absent due to being sick, be it a staff member or child, adjusting ratios can be a real frustration. We’ve built Abacus to make it really easy to manage these ratios. It naturally works around holidays, automates room movements and allows you to schedule room visits based on criteria you set.

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