Abacus features – support and improvements

Support into the evening

Abacus is easy to use and most of our customers are up and running in no time. Every customer is entitled to training by phone or to attend one of our regular sessions in Kent. We can arrange to come to your childcare setting and train your staff, as well.

When you need a little help finding your way around the system, or have a new member of staff that needs to be taught, our customer care team is on hand to help from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

We love to take suggestions from our customers and have an online system that you can use to send us feedback, ideas for new products or just ask questions.

We’re always adding and improving

Abacus has a lot of great elements, but the world is moving fast and we have an in-house team dedicated to adding new features to help you manage your childcare setting.

As Abacus is an online nursery management system, every time we make an update, you’ll benefit from it too – no need to re-purchase it!s.

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