With the introduction of new GDPR regulations next Friday 25th May, we've been working hard to ensure Abacus has all the relevant functionality it needs! Namely, we've added new functionality which enables you to delete records from your system. 

Under the children, families, carers and staff sections the icon on the right has now been enabled, meaning you can delete children and family records when using your User Code 1 login.

Below we have listed a few scenarios in which you may wish to delete data from your system, highlighting the steps you would need to take to do so. 

Deleting a child's record

Under the children's section of your system, the delete sign will now allow you to delete a single child's record.

Simply go to the Child Summary > select the child you wish to delete> click the ‘delete’ icon. 

Don't worry, If you click the button you will see a confirmation message asking you to confirm you wish to delete this child's record, this includes a cancel button, just in case this has been pressed in error!

If a child does not have a sibling recorded in the system, you will need to delete the record from the family section of your system. 

Deleting a Carer


If you wish to delete a carer from one family’s record, but the carer also exists within another family where they should remain, you will need to unassign the carer from the family you wish to remove them from, rather than delete them.

To do so:

  • Go to the family you wish to remove the carer from
  • Ensure the correct child is selected (a thin red line will be surrounding their details)
  • Click unassign under the carer you wish to remove

If you wish to delete a carer from the system completely, removing them from all families they are assigned to, you can do so by:

  • Going to a family that this carer is assigned to
  • Click on the carer
  • Click Delete
  • The carer will then be removed from all families they are assigned to

Deleting a family

The same delete sign has been enabled on the family section of your system.

If there are no carers linked to other families or children you will simply need to go to the family you wish to delete and click the delete icon.

As with the children section, when you click this button you will see a confirmation message, ensuring you want to carry out this action.

If you were to click the delete icon while a secondary carer is still assigned, this would remove the carer’s data from the whole system, and all families they are linked to.

If you plan on deleting data in bulk, we would recommend doing this out of hours to ensure there is no significant impact on the performance of your system.

Please be aware!


Once a record has been deleted we will not be able to retrieve this! This will be permanent.

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