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Parenta Trust aims to support the very youngest children in East Africa by providing them with a quality pre-school education.
We’ve teamed up with Fields of Life, an organisation on the ground in Uganda, who have over 20 years’ experience in building schools for vulnerable children.

Together, we ensure that 91p in every pound is put towards building pre-schools in Africa. All the money we raise is used to create positive, lasting change for children and their families.

To date, we’ve built 4 pre-schools and are opening our fifth later this year. With your support, we aim to build a total of 10 schools over the coming years.
Please join us on this exciting journey of regeneration and hope.

Our charity has the support, passion and driving-force of some remarkable people who are united in the belief that all children deserve to have a basic education, no matter where they are in the world.

By creating the Parenta Trust, our trustees have taken the first steps to realise their vision of a world where all children feel safe, loved and cared for.

Trustees: Allan Presland (Trustee), Amanda Presland (Trustee), Andrew Cooper (Chairman), Debbie Cameron (Trustee)


Bridget’s Story

We met Bridget on a trip to Uganda in 2014. Nothing could’ve prepared us for her story but, sadly, her case is not a one-off.

Bridget was rescued from a shrine where she was about to be sacrificed by her parents. Saved at the last moment from a shocking fate, she now attends one of our pre-schools where she can lead a happy and safe life. She is cared for, has a sponsor and has the education she needs to brighten her future.

There are many more vulnerable children like Bridget who need your help. By sponsoring a child, you make a real difference to their lives.

Find out how you can sponsor a child here.

Fundraising Events: 


We’re lucky to have some really dedicated supporters who have helped run a variety of sponsored events. In 2018, we’ll be running the fifth Parenta Trust Rally.

Our aim for 2018?

To raise enough money to build a sixth pre-school!

Taking place on 27th June – 1st July 2018, we’d love for you to join us!

To enter, you need to register with us before finding a car for £350 to tackle the trip. Each team must raise £1,000 for the Parenta Trust.

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