Kampala Slums

Kampala Slums

Improving sanitation and health in Uganda
One of the projects we support is Treasured Kids, in a slum known as ‘Kosovo’ in the capital city. It’s run by an amazing man called Pastor Deo, who came from the streets himself and now inspires hundreds of children every day.

He built much of the school by hand, overcoming multiple issues in the area, including a countless number of shallow graves upon which the slum is built.

These graves negatively affect the health of the children in his care, which is worsened by the lack of clean sanitation.

Spreading the word about health issues
Much of Pastor Deo’s work is about making the children in his care aware of health issues, from malaria to STDs. He tackles these topics head-on, and teaches his children from a much earlier age than we are accustomed to in the UK.

Seeing such mature issues painted on a playground wall is an eye-opener, and a glaring reminder to children as young as six years of age of issues they may face in the future. However, in Uganda, children are often forced to grow up quickly.

The Parenta Trust sponsors children in Pastor Deo’s school, and we regularly return to visit this school.

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