Apprenticeship Standards

At Parenta Training, we want to help you get ready to plan ahead – because Apprenticeship Standards are here.

To secure funding to train your staff or even to recruit a new apprentice, you need what’s called a ‘Government Gateway Apprenticeship Account’ to be able to request funds to pay for your training requirements.

Set up your Government Gateway Account without delay!

We have created easy-to-follow steps to help you through the process.

Follow these few simple instructions to create a Government Gateway ID for your setting

  • Go to HMRC’s website here
  • Click the GREEN sign-in button
  • Click “Create sign-in details”
  • Enter your email address where asked
  • You will now be emailed a confirmation code. Use this code to confirm your email address
  • You will now be issued with a User ID for your Government Gateway account
  • Please save this and keep it somewhere safe because losing it can create a lot of work in the future

Once you receive your Government Gateway ID, please create an account to manage your apprenticeships

You’ll use your account to:

  • Get apprenticeship funding
  • Find and save apprenticeships
  • Find, save and manage training providers
  • Recruit apprentices
  • Add and manage apprenticeships

Click here to set up your Government Gateway Apprenticeship Account

Why are Standards replacing Framework?

  • Standards are replacing framework across all apprenticeships which is a requirement from both ESFA and Ofsted and affects all training providers.
  • The main purpose is to place greater emphasis on the teaching and learning (T&L) time between apprentice and tutor and to involve the employer in a greater capacity.

What are the key differences between Standards and Framework?

  • The employer is more involved in the learning plan of their apprentice.
  • The key focus is based around skills, knowledge and behaviours (SKB) of an apprentice which they acquire throughout their apprenticeship.
  • The entire learning plan is set out to prepare apprentices for their End Point Assessment (EPA).
  • Course duration will increase to potentially 18 months which includes a 3 month allocation for (EPA) End Point Assessment.
  • The EPA includes a knowledge test as well as a professional discussion underpinned by the learner’s portfolio.

*For all learners who are employed full-time. **For all 19+ learners.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our training team on 0800 002 9242 if you have any questions.

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